CMS Conversions

Bring your outdated or static website to life with our CMS Conversions!

We can convert your existing website into a powerful, database driven Content Management System (CMS). A CMS allows you to easily and quickly update/add website content as often as you like. No more relying on the services of your website developer to make these changes at your request (and cost!)

We have spent a lot of time working on the Search Engine frendliness of our CMS system. As a result, we find our sites rank better than the average CMS out there.

Benefits of a Content Management Sysytem:

  • Maintain the content (Text, Graphics, Links) on your website with simple administration screens that anyone on your staff can use.
  • No additional software required. Content is maintained through the use of an online editor - very similar to Microsoft Word.
  • Ensure your website contains up-to-date information. Visitors to websites are quickly discouraged by out of date content on a website.
  • Contact Forms - Easily implement Contact forms into your site to establish a point of contact for your visitors.
  • Easily extendable - we can upgrade your site with additional modules as required. These can include Blogs, social media connections, online catalogues, Calendars, News Events, Newsletters and even E-Commerce.

Cost of CMS Conversion:

Costs involved with a CMS conversion of an existing site depend on several factors. Number of pages, complexity of design and content all contribute to the overall cost. We can also re-design the layout design of your site as part of the upgrade to ensure it is fresh and up to date and MOBILE FRIENDLY!   Please Contact us for a FREE complete appraisal of your website and a complete quotation to convert your site over to our content management solution!